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Activities and servicess

  • Corporate Finance

    fp-corporate.jpgITAC offers a wide financial experience and provides advice to management teams, shareholders and investors for the purpose of planning, executing and communicating their investment and financing projects, providing precision to their strategy.

    Our team provide support and advice in the following fields:

    Restructuring of businesses and refinancing: overall management of the process: development of feasibility plans, negotiation with the parties involved and execution of refinancing agreement.

    Finding financing: management of the process of adding new capital investors and/or the acquisition of new debt.

  • Technology


    ITAC works with leading technology providers and integrated engineering and construction firms.

    Together with them, we provide technological solutions suited to the needs of our clients and to the conditions in their countries.

    We are concerned with project identification, technological guidance, technology selection, project design, feasibility analysis, investment definition and quantification and support for concluding technology transfer or lending agreements.

  • Finances


    ITAC develops the financial structures for its client´s projects and programmes according to national and international financial markets conditions.

    We design financial structures, check with main operators and financial markets, equity funds, utility operators and potential industrial partners, as well as with the existing regulatory framework, in order to ensure their confidentiality, transparency, feasibility and sustainability.

    Our services include financial structuring, financial model construction, information memoranda, project marketing, road shows, tendering processes, as well as advisory during negotiating and closing transactions.

  • Regulation


    We advise our clients in define and formulate their sector regulatory framework, scoping and shaping the conditions for a sustainable operation and an appropriate level of risk.

    We advise in the definition of market rules, codes, standards, tariffs, organisation of institutions, functions and operation of agencies vesting, contracts, supply contracts and connection contracts, purchase agreements and operation agreements.

    We also advise on the legal side of financial transactions such as Public and Private Partnership contracts in their different forms, O&M contracts, management of Public Entity consortia, Concession and Investment agreements.

    And other regulations related to transactions: labour, social, environmental regulations, use of public resources, consumer rights, etc.

  • Strategic Advice

    Strategic Advice

    In ITAC we consider strategic advice as a core function.

    Our teams of experienced strategic consultants collaborate in the formulation of State and Regional policies and programmes and manage their implementation.

    Their activities comprise estimating demand scenarios, users’ evolution and behaviour, formulating strategic plans, Business Case studies, risk analyses and implementation programmes design.

    Our strategic advice covers the whole implementation cycle: we co-ordinate feasibility studies, due diligences, prepare dossiers for tenders, select providers of technology and financial resources, prepare tendering programmes and monitor their implementation.

  • Institutional Building

    Institutional Building

    We advise Governments in the development of the Institutions required to implement Sector Policies.

    Our support includes starting relations with similar or related institutions in other countries and regions, so as to share their experience, knowledge, methods and tools, and promoting collaboration in national and international projects.

    Our contribution comprises organisational development, process definition, human resources development, training, budgets, preparing presentation and raise finance resources.

    We are also involved in the start-up and consolidation of institutions, advising in the teams’ composition and in their working programmes development. .

  • Training


    Training is an element of all our projects and an essential tool for market structure implementation, institutional building and projects execution. Our training activities are mainly addressed to deregulated markets and range from basis of markets rules and functioning, roles of different market agents and regulation agencies to regulation, contracts, new technologies and new functions or project finance and investment.

    As Different agents have different needs we offer different kind of training: General comprehensive training courses, Executive Training Courses, In-house Training Courses, etc...

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